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Director, editing & sound design: Federico Campanale
Original Soundtrack: Natalia Domìnguez Rangel
Camera: Ben Geraerts
With: Adi Kesten & Shani Kesten
Line producer: Katja Sokolova

2012, HD video, 11 min. 50 sec.

The page's wing

ThankEve's Katja Sokolova was the line producer for this experimental short film by Federico Campanale

In a strange decor looking like an infinite library, a young woman is patiently searching for books on the numberless shelves. Suddenly, while trying to take a hard-to-reach book, she looses balance and let everything go. Time seems then to freeze and we see her hanging in the air among the floating book sand pages, before she promptly catch herself back on the ladder. It's then that she discerns her double, slowly flying towards her through the pages, holding a book in her hand... A film about realization, self-reflection and time experience.