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with: Sasha Volgina, Misha Holmanskih, Masha Yakovleva
directing & cinematography: Jan Jaap Kuiper
production & sound recording: Katja Sokolova
editing: Tim Wijbenga
sound editing & mixing: Thijs van der Vliet
music: Hans Visser
color grading: Michiel Rummens
production assistant: Eugene Eliseev
additional camera: Mikhail Zheleznikov, Sergei Bogatyrev
commissioning editor IKON: Margje de Koning
archive material: OK&NO film studio - Eugeny Zakharov
archive photos: Den Kamensky, Alexei "Left" Popov

This film was made possible with the financial support of Open Society Foundations & the AIDS Fonds

56 min / HD / color and B&W

©ThankEve productions & IKON 2011

"Sinners' disease"

There are almost one million people living with HIV in Russia, but the virus is still widely regarded as a “sinners’ disease”. Sasha Volgina - HIV positive, pregnant and bustling with energy – leads a young activist group protesting against the shortage of antiretrovirals. While fighting for the medicines essential for her and her unborn baby, she faces reluctant government, AIDS denialists and her own past as a heroin addict.

You can buy a DVD of this documentary.

Past screenings: Movies that Matter Filmfestival - "A matter of ACT" competition programme (The Hague, Netherlands), Docudays International Human Rights Festival - DOCU/RIGHT competion (Kiev, Ukraine), ArtDokFest (Moscow, Russia), This human world festival - in competition (Vienna, Austria), Human Rights Film Festival Barcelona, Nederlands Filmfestival (Utrecht, Netherlands), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Broadcasters: IKON (The Netherlands), DR2 (Danmark), VRT (Belgium), SBS (Israel)