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Amsterdam Film Experience

AFX Live Programme, part of the Amsterdam Film Experience Festival, at the Ketelhuis (Amsterdam), November 2006

Along with film screenings, live programme is an essential part of the festival.
Its aim is to present non-conventional ways of making and watching films.

The live programme, curated by ThankEve's Katja Sokolova:

Jacob Kirkegaard. Hotel Chernobyl. Audio-visual performance.
In October 2005 the artists went to Chernobyl in Ukraine – an area heavily contaminated after the nuclear power plant explosion in 1986. Jacob was recording sound for his installation “4 Rooms” there and Sarah was shooting video material for a film. The journey to this Zone of Exclusion was very special, with a lot of surprises on the way; particularly the hotel they were staying at. The artists got interested in certain aesthetics of the deserted building, its rooms and corridors completely empty, but at the same time looking for somebody to inhabit them. On a day at Amsterdam Film Experience festival, Jacob and Sarah will present a live mix based on the recordings made during their journey. The relations between the sound and the video material creates a unique experience of presence in the place among the audience.

Jacob Kirkegaard (Born in Denmark in 1975, lives in Germany) graduated from the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne Germany. His works include live performances, film music, installations and compositions. In his latest work for Touch, '4 Rooms' (2006), Kirkegaard explores the sonic legacy of Chernobyl. Jacob Kirkegaard has been presented at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Denmark, KIASMA art museum in Finland, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Gallery Rachel Haferkamp and at the Transmediale in Germany.

Mark Bain. Feed Carnivor
Mark Bain (Seattle Washington, USA, 1966) who received international attention with an installation created from seismic recordings on September, 11, 2001) will show new work mixing 9 channels of pornographic images into complete abstraction. Perhaps it is the end of pornography as we know it

Mark Bain works on the interface of acoustics, architecture and actions of conceptual/experiential integration. For some time Bain has been involved in an ongoing research into the area of sound and architecture and how sonic events condition bodies and buildings they occupy. Sculptural aspects of sound are also investigated in the way resonant materials can define structures in space. Other installations involve living systems and investigative devices, which position the viewer into rarefied experiences. In this work, he designs hybrid apparatuses, which engage both locations and the viewing public.

Irina Birger. 4x4. Interactive Animation Project.

In this project sixteen animations present different approaches to time measurement. The viewers are given the power to decide which projections they would like to see, activating the animations by clicking on the projected icons.

Irina Birger (born in Russia in 1971, lives in Amsterdam) graduated from Bezalel academy in Jerusalem and then she moved to Europe to continue her studies in art. In 2005, she finished Sandberg Institute- a post-graduate art academy in Amsterdam. Irina Birger’s works include multimedia installations, animation, video, photos and graphic design.

Kinematix (L.Macari & D.Ryba). Hip Hop on Bones. Live Performance

When comic strip characters take carton guitars in their hands and start singing, what comes out is “hip-hop operetta” - a mix of all possible clichés of contemporary pop culture, united under the ironic title Hip-Hop On Bones. This autobiographical project - a result of Lucia Macari’s collaboration with composer and musician D.Ryba, combines pop music, films, theatre, cartoons, literature and musicals.
Hip-Hop on Bones has been presented in Veemvloer, Mediamatic, Sugar Factory, Paradiso and on VPRO (Nachtpodium)

Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir. Here and there. Installation/live performance

The works of Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir (Iceland, 1975) encompass nature and materiality in their visual poetics and engage the audience in an interactive way.